Who Is Triptii Dimri? Know How Animal Movie Change Her Life?

Triptii Dimri, also known as Triptii Time, is surprised by her sudden success after being in Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal for just 10 minutes. She confesses to feeling a mix of emotions that are hard to describe, saying, “After watching the film, my emotions were so strong that even a sleepless night couldn’t calm them.”

Even with a small role opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Animal, Triptii quickly became a favorite among audiences. Her performance received so much praise that it was recognized almost instantly.

Tripti Dimri Life In Film Industry

Tripti Dimri (born 23 February 1994) is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films. Triptii Dimri started her acting journey in the comedy film “Poster Boys” in 2017. Her first lead role came in the romantic drama “Laila Majnu” in 2018. She received praise for her performances in period films like “Bulbbul” (2020) and “Qala” (2022), with the former earning her a Filmfare OTT Award.

In 2021, she was recognized in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list. Triptii also had a supporting role in the successful action film “Animal” in 2023.

What Was Role Of Triptii Dimri In Animal Movie?

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Triptii Dimri played Zoya in the movie Animal, released on December 1. The story is about a guy, Vijay (played by Ranbir), and his complicated relationship with his father.

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Vijay is portrayed as an anti-hero willing to do anything, even shooting down 200 people with a machine gun, to protect his father. Despite his efforts, he struggles to gain approval from his emotionally distant father (played by Anil Kapoor). This strained relationship affects his marriage to Rashmika Mandanna’s character.

While some on social media criticize Animal for glorifying misogyny and toxic masculinity, the movie is doing exceptionally well at the box office, already crossing the Rs 400 crore mark in India.

What Triptii Dimri Told About Her Role In Animal Movie?

Since the movie Animal, Triptii Dimri has been getting a lot of attention. Some videos of her romantic scenes with Ranbir Kapoor from the film are circulating widely on social media. Triptii shared that the scene where she appears nude was carefully planned and discussed before shooting.

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Tripti Dimri shared that when Sandeep Reddy Vanga pitched the movie to her, he specifically mentioned the intimate scene. He assured her that it would be shot tastefully and emphasized the importance of her comfort during the filming.

When Sandeep sir offered me the film, he was clear about a particular scene. He said it wouldn’t be vulgar, but shot aesthetically, and my comfort was a priority. He told me to be honest if I wasn’t comfortable, and we’d figure something out. I took some time before agreeing.

In Bulbull, the rape scene was more challenging. This one wasn’t as traumatic. When you sign a film, you commit to giving your best.

During the scene, the entire set was closed, with only four people allowed. Monitors were turned off to make me feel comfortable. It felt like a safe space, working with people who respect you. Safe sets are crucial. I was assured I could stop if needed, which boosted my confidence.

What Was Tripti Parents Reaction After Watching Animal Movie?

Triptii shared how her parents initially reacted to an intimate scene she filmed for Animal. At first, they were surprised, but over time, they became supportive, even expressing that they had never seen anything like it in a film. Although they had reservations, they sweetly said things like, “You shouldn’t have done that, but we’ll see it as parents.”

Triptii explained to her parents that as an actress, it’s her responsibility to authentically portray each role. She reassured them that there was nothing wrong with her work as long as she felt safe and could focus on her craft without worry. She emphasized that being truthful to the character was her intention as an actor.


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