Why “What is Wrong With India” Trending on Social Media, Here is The Reasons

What is Wrong With India: Ten days ago, a Spanish tourist was attacked by a group of people in Dumka, a place in Jharkhand, India. This incident caused a lot of concern and anger among people. On Tuesday, many posts with the phrase ‘what is wrong with India’ started trending on a social media platform called X.

By the evening, this became a big trend with over 2.5 lakh posts. Even the government’s citizen engagement portal, MyGovIndia, joined in. This trend is spreading quickly because many people are talking about the issues and problems in India, especially regarding crimes like this one.

Reason Why “What is Wrong With India” Trending on Social Media? 

About 10 days ago, a Spanish tourist was attacked by a group of people in Jharkhand’s Dumka, which made a lot of people very upset. People started talking about it a lot on social media. Some people shared their own bad experiences while traveling in India with #what is wrong with india.

Unfortunately, some posts were really negative, saying that this happen in India all the time. They called India names like the “rape capital of the world” and talked badly about things like cleanliness and culture.

After seeing the negative posts, people in India wanted to show that bad things happen everywhere, not just in India. They started sharing pictures and videos of bad things happening in other countries, using the same phrase: “What is wrong with India?” They did this to prove that the social media platform was only showing negative stuff about India.

Here Are Some Social Media Post


These social media users turned around the negative trend, showing that every country has its own problems. They highlighted that attacking one country because of hate towards it or its leaders doesn’t solve anything. This reflects a new India that stands up against bullying, whether online or offline. India’s foreign minister, S Jaishankar, has responded strongly to Western criticism, showing India’s commitment to putting its own interests first.

These online attacks on India ignore the country’s progress in many areas, like technology, education, and living standards, especially since 2014. India’s achievements, such as ISRO’s space missions and the growth of startups, have made a big impact globally.

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