What Rhea Chakraborty Told in the Interview? How Was her Routine When She was in Jail?

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in 2020, and Rhea Chakraborty, his girlfriend at the time, was blamed for it. She was charged with allegedly encouraging his suicide, leading to her spending 28 days in Byculla jail. In a recent interview, Rhea Chakraborty shared details about the difficult experiences, Rhea talked about how tough it was for her in jail, both physically and mentally.

About Rhea Chakraborty

Rhea Chakraborty is an actress from India known for her roles in Bollywood movies like “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” and “Jalebi.” However, things got complicated for her when actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away in June 2020.

Rhea, who was in a relationship with Sushant, faced a lot of attention from the media and got into trouble with the law. She was accused of being involved in Sushant’s death, particularly of helping him in a way that led to his suicide.

What Rhea Chakraborty Said in Interview?

In a recent talk with Chetan Bhagat on his show, Rhea Chakraborty shared that after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, she felt hounded by many people. She was ready to go to jail because her life had become like a public show, and she wanted all the chaos to end. She thought going to jail might clear things up.

Rhea mentioned she was served roti and capsicum in jail, slept for 12 hours straight, and felt exhausted from everything happening to her. She highlighted that the mental stress was much harder than any physical discomfort, even if the facilities were not ideal.

What Was Rhea Chakraborty Schedule in the Jail?

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Talking about her daily routine in jail, Rhea Chakraborty mentioned that they served breakfast at 6 am, lunch at 11 am, and dinner at 2 pm, following a British-style schedule. The gates opened at 6 am and closed at 5 pm, during which time inmates could take a shower or go to the library.

Rhea shared that many people saved dinner for 7-8 pm, but she changed her routine. She woke up at 4 am and had her dinner at 2 pm because she believed the food was more enjoyable when warm. She also mentioned adapting to this schedule to make the most of her time.


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