Know About Top 8 Things of Newly Launched Amrit Bharat Train

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, did something exciting on Saturday. He kicked off two Amrit Bharat trains and six Vande Bharat Express trains right from the newly fixed-up Ayodhya Dham Railway Station.

This happened when he visited the temple town, and everyone was super excited because they’re getting a fancy new train. Oh, and it’s all happening during the festive vibe in Ayodhya and the big celebration for the grand opening of the Ram Temple on January 22 next year.

Important Things About 2 Amrit Bharat Train and 6 Vande Bharat Trains

Amrit Bharat train is special because it has engines at both ends, making it speed up better. It’s made to give passengers a great experience with comfy seats, improved luggage racks, charging spots for phones, pretty LED lights, security cameras, and a public info system.

Other cool trains like Vande Bharat Express have started too. They go to different places like Mata Vaishno Devi Katra to New Delhi, Amritsar to Delhi, Coimbatore to Bangalore Cantt, Mangalore to Madgaon, Jalna to Mumbai, and Ayodhya to Anand Vihar Terminal. These trains are designed to be super comfy and high-tech for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Top 8 Intresting Things About Amrit Bharat Express

amrit bharat train
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1) Amrit Bharat Train will run smoothly without sudden jerks and will operate between Darbhanga in Bihar and Anand Vihar in Delhi, passing through Ayodhya. Another Amrit Bharat Train train will run between Malda Town in West Bengal and Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminus in Bengaluru.

2) Amrit Bharat trains use a special semi-coupler technology for a smooth journey. This innovation helps connect two train coaches in a way that eliminates jerks when the train starts or stops. These trains can travel at a maximum speed of 130 km per hour.

3) Amrit Bharat trains use eco-friendly features like energy-saving LED lights, systems to separate waste, and materials that are good for the environment when building, to reduce their impact on nature.

4) These trains care about passengers’ comfort. They have comfortable seats, better air circulation, and ways to make the ride quieter. Plus, they provide charging spots for electronic gadgets to make the journey more enjoyable.

5) The lowest ticket price for traveling on Amrit Bharat Express trains within a distance of one to 50 km is ₹35, not including the reservation fee and additional charges. A railway official mentioned that when comparing the fares of the second and sleeper classes with those of other existing mail or express trains, Amrit Bharat’s fares are 15 to 17 percent higher.

6) Discounted tickets and tickets obtained through free passes that are not reimbursed will not be accepted on these trains, according to the official. The eligibility criteria for privileges like Privilege Passes, PTOs (privilege ticket orders), Duty Passes, etc., for railway employees will be the same as the eligibility for mail/express trains.

7) The Amrit Bharat trains, which use a special push-pull arrangement with LHB coaches, come with unique features. These include sliding windows, a semi-permanent coupler connecting the coaches, wider gangways sealed against dust.

A fire suppression system using aerosol in toilets and electrical areas, emergency lights for disaster management, fluorescent strips on the floor for guidance, a bench-style design for some coaches, and separate sections for reserved and unreserved coaches with sliding doors.

8) Amrit Bharat Express has modern tech stuff, like Wi-Fi and entertainment on board. This means passengers can stay connected and have a fun time during their whole journey.


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