It’s Time in This World” Rishabh Pant Told in an Interview What he Felt When he had an Accident

In the last year or so, India lost four out of the 10 Test matches played, and cricket fans are missing watching Rishabh Pant on the field. Pant, who had a near-fatal car accident on December 30, has been out of action since then.

He is expected to make a comeback during the 2024 edition of the IPL. Since the accident, Pant has undergone several surgeries and healing processes as part of his rehabilitation, and there’s still work to be done before he can return to full form.

Rishabh Pant About His Accident

Rishabh Pant, who survived a car accident with the help of some people, shared that he thought he was done for when the incident occurred. He felt lucky to be alive, considering the extent of his injuries, and grateful that he could still play.

In an interview with Star Sports in the ‘Believe’ series, Pant expressed that it was the first time he felt like his time in this world was up. Despite being aware of his injuries during the accident, he acknowledged that it could have been much worse. The doctor informed him that recovery would take 16-18 months, and Pant was determined to work hard to shorten this recovery time.

When and How Pant Meet With Accident?

On December 30, 2022, Rishabh Pant had a car accident while heading home from Delhi. The incident occurred on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. According to people who saw it happen, Pant’s car hit the railing and caught fire. It was a tough task, but they managed to bring the fire under control. At the same time, Rishabh Pant, who was seriously injured, was rushed to Saksham Hospital on Delhi Road.

Rishabh Pant in IPL 2024

Many cricket fans worldwide are excited to see Rishabh Pant back on the cricket field after a challenging journey of recovery. Pant faced a serious road accident on New Year’s Eve in 2022, undergoing multiple surgeries. Despite the difficulties, his determination has brought him back, and he is all set to captain the Delhi Capitals in the upcoming season 2024.

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Pant has been with the Delhi Capitals since his IPL debut in 2016 and has become a crucial player for the team. In his 98 matches, he has scored an impressive 2838 runs with a striking strike rate of 147.97, solidifying his role as a key member of the squad.

Rishabh Pant Chances in T20I World Cup 2024

Rishabh Pant couldn’t play in the World Cup, IPL 2023, and other matches due to his recovery from the accident. While he is expected to return for the IPL, it’s doubtful he’ll be considered for India’s T20 World Cup squad. The team already has a well-established lineup, and the management wouldn’t want to rush Pant back into such a crucial tournament at the highest level.

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