Why Ambati Rayudu Left YSRCP Party? Is It Due To Cricket League?

Ambati Rayudu recently joined politics with the YSRCP party but left after only 8 days, surprising everyone. Now, he’s changed his mind again after meeting actor Pawan Kalyan. In a post, he explained that he entered politics to help the people of Andhra Pradesh. He toured villages, talked to people, and tried his best to solve their problems during his short time with the YSRCP party.

Why Ambati Rayudu Left YSRCP Party?

Ambati Rayudu says he did a lot of social work, but for some reasons, he couldn’t achieve his goals with the YSRCP party. He makes it clear that he’s not pointing fingers at anyone. The ex-cricketer further explains that because his ideas didn’t match well with the YSRCP party’s, running for elections from any seat didn’t seem right. Rayudu also shared in a post that because of the league rules, active politicians like him can’t play. So, he had to leave the YSRCP party. So, he chose to leave the YSRCP party.

Why Ambati Rayudu Meet Pawan Kalyan?

He wrote that he decided to quit politics. However, his well-wishers suggested meeting Pawan Anna if he wanted to understand the ideology. Anyway, he met Pawan Anna and spent quite some time together. During this, they discussed various life and political issues.

He wants to say that his and Pawan Anna’s ideologies are quite similar. They think alike, and he was happy to meet him. Although he’ll be going to Dubai for cricket soon, he’ll always be available for serving the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Ambati Rayudu will play for the Mumbai Indians in the upcoming  International League T20 starting on January 20 in Dubai.

About Pawan Kalyan

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Pawan Kalyan also Known as Pawan Anna, born on September 2, 1968 is an Indian actor, politician, filmmaker, martial artist. He mostly works in Telugu movies. People really like him for his unique way of acting and his special behaviors in movies. 

He’s one of the highest-paid actors in Indian cinema and has been in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2013. He has received awards like Filmfare Award, SIIMA Award, CineMAA Award, and Santosham Film Award. He’s also the person who started the Jana Sena Party.


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