“Shame on MP Police” People are Sharing on Social Media. What is the Complete matter?

In Makadon town, a fight broke out between two groups on Thursday because they couldn’t agree on whether to put up a statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel or Dr. BR Ambedkar. The disagreement turned violent, with people throwing stones, and three individuals, including a sub-inspector, got hurt and people started blaming police by saying Shame on MP Police.

Things got out of hand when members of the Bhim Army used tractors to knock down a big statue of Sardar Patel. The Patidar group had put up this statue overnight without telling anyone, while the local panchayat was still talking about it.

What is Complete Matter?

According to ASP Nitesh Bhargav, there’s an empty piece of land near Makadon Mandi Gate. The Bhim Army wants a statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar there, while the Patidar community prefers a statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The Panchayat is still deciding on this matter.

However, on Wednesday night, some people took matters into their own hands and put up a statue of Sardar Patel on that land. When the other group found out, they gathered the next morning and knocked down the statue, leading to a direct clash between the two groups.

Violence quickly got worse with both groups throwing stones and using batons. The clash resulted in damaged vehicles, with one set on fire, and several shops being harmed. Sub-inspector Lalchand Sharma from Makadon police station got hurt in the stone-pelting, and others were injured too.

What Police Official are Doing?

To control the situation, police from Ujjain and Tarana rushed to the scene. Through negotiations, they managed to calm both groups down. As a precaution, a strong police presence remains to prevent any more problems.

shame on mp police
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Local residents explained that the disagreement is about a disputed piece of land in wards 2, 8, and 9. Many people in the area support Dr. Ambedkar, wanting his statue there. However, after winning the last two elections, the BJP announced plans to install a statue of Sardar Patel in the same area.

ASP Nitesh Bhargav mentioned, “We are trying to find the people responsible for this incident, and further actions are being taken.”

Shame on MP Police is Trending On Social Media, Why?

After incident occurred in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, where CM Mohan Yadav is from, people are expressing frustration on social media by sharing shame on mp police. They’re criticizing the police, claiming they are not taking effective action as the situation worsens. According to posts, the police seem to be passive and just observing the events unfold. In this incident, many local residents were injured, and some even lost their vehicles, which were set on fire.


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