Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson Heated Argument Between The Match, What Was The Full Matter?

India’s innings concluded at 396 runs with Yashasvi Jaiswal’s outstanding double century being the highlight. He was the only Indian batsman to score more than 50 runs in the entire inning. However, during the second day of the ongoing second Test between India and England in Visakhapatnam, a verbal argument occurred between two cricket stars, Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson.

What Happened Between Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson?

The incident happened during the fourth ball of the 96th over in the Indian innings. As James Anderson was about to bowl, Ravichandran Ashwin, adjusting his sleeves, unintentionally gestured towards the non-striking end.

This caught Anderson’s attention, and he stopped abruptly, looking at Ashwin. Anderson was also unhappy with how close Ashwin was to the umpire when he wasn’t the one facing the delivery.

Anderson complained to the umpire, leading to a heated exchange between the two players. Cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle, commenting on the intense moment, shared an interesting insight, saying, ‘If Anderson doesn’t like it, Ashwin will continue doing it.’

At Last James Anderson Got The Wicket of Ravichandran Ashwin

The argument ended with James Anderson getting the upper hand as he got Ravichandran Ashwin out on the third ball of the 100th over. Anderson bowled a fantastic wobble seam delivery, causing Ashwin to choose not to hit the ball.

The ball moved in a way that caught Ashwin off guard, resulting in a faint outside edge onto the thigh pad, and Ben Foakes caught it. After the dismissal, Anderson said a few words to Ashwin as part of a send-off.

Previous Fight Between Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson

This wasn’t the first time Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson had a heated argument. A similar incident occurred during England’s tour of India in 2016 in the fourth Test in Mumbai. In that situation, Ashwin seemed unhappy with Anderson’s remarks about Virat Kohli’s success mainly in home conditions. The tension escalated briefly until Kohli and the umpire stepped in to calm things down.

Ashwin Heated Conversation With Umpire

Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson

Ashwin’s lively conversation with Anderson might be connected to the fact that the planned 90 overs for the day were finished before the cutoff time. However, the umpire decided to continue the day’s play until the scheduled time of 4:30 pm IST.

Unfortunately, India lost a wicket in the 91st over, and Ashwin had to come out to bat for the last two overs of the day – a situation that many batters don’t prefer. This situation could have led to Ashwin’s apparent unhappiness.

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