Raveena Tandon, Karmma Calling Web Series Released, know How is the Review of This Web Series?

Karmma Calling, featuring Raveena Tandon and Namrata Sheth, is inspired by the U.S. series called “Revenge,” which was on air from 2011 to 2015. The show is a revenge drama directed by Ruchi Narain, attempting to tell a gripping story about a young woman seeking revenge.

However, the review suggests that the show ends up being just average. If you want to know more about “Karmma Calling,” keep reading the review.

Story Of Drama Karmma Calling

A young woman named Karma Talwar moves to Alibag, where she becomes the mysterious neighbor of Indrani Kothari, a highly influential woman in the super-rich community. Karma is on a mission to avenge her father, wrongly accused of a crime.

She strategically plans to bring justice to those who wronged her family, carefully plotting and executing her motives to destroy them one by one. However, an unexpected twist in her life now puts her in a difficult situation.

More About Drama Karmma Calling

Karmma Calling drama has 7 episodes, and each episode lasts for about 35-40 minutes. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar

The cast of the Drama includes: Raveena Tandon, Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, Vikramjeet Virk, Gaurav Sharma, Viraf Patel, Rohit Roy, Amy Aela, Waluscha D’Souza, Piyush Khati, Devangshi Sen, and Rachit Singh

Performance of The Stars in Karmma Calling

Raveena Tandon, who plays Indrani Kothari in “Karmma Calling,” is quite impressive overall. However, at times, it might feel like she’s trying too hard to portray a cruel or mysterious character.

Still, Raveena stands out as the heart of the series. On the other hand, Namrata Sheth, especially in the lead role, seems a bit weak. Her expressions appear rigid, and she struggles to convey emotions, especially anger.

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Varun Sood’s performance is similar to Namrata’s, offering a decent portrayal. Rohit Roy, playing Satyajeet (Karmma’s father), shines in his limited screen time. Vikramjeet Virk, as Sameer, delivers a strong and impactful performance. Viraf Patel, portraying Zane Khan, does a fair job, and Gaurav Sharma, playing Kaushal Kothari, displays versatile acting skills.

Review of Drama Karmma Calling

Some actors in “Karmma Calling,” like Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, Amy Aela, Waluscha D’Souza, Piyush Khati, Devangshi Sen, and Rachit Singh, didn’t deliver strong performances. While they are new talents, their acting seemed less natural and more like they were acting in front of the camera.

Storyline is Same as Revenge Drama

The storyline, being a revenge drama, should keep you engaged, but that’s not the case with “Karmma Calling.” The plot becomes confusing, and it feels too easy for the main character, Karma, to execute her plans.

This lack of challenge makes it hard to connect with the story. The first season leaves many questions unanswered, but it doesn’t create enough motivation to eagerly anticipate a second season.

Despite being a revenge drama, the show is overly dramatic, making it feel tiresome and dull at times. Unfortunately, the series lacks impact and fails to evoke the intended emotions. Karma’s quest for revenge on behalf of her father doesn’t come across strongly, and the overall impact falls flat.

Expressblogshub Rating: 6 Out of 10


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