New Year Offer For Honda Shine Bike: Buy This Bike With An EMI Of Just RS.?

Recently, Honda achieved a significant milestone by selling over 30 lakh Shine models in Western India, covering Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa. Among these, a whopping 20 lakh units were sold in Maharashtra alone.

The Shine has become a household name for Honda 2Wheelers India, and its popularity prompted the company to carry forward the familiar design and name when entering the 100 cc commuter segment.

Honda Motors has released New Year offers on all its vehicles. Honda Motor is also offering the best EMI plan on its Honda Shine. Honda Shine is a great bike in the 125cc segment, which is known for its power and mileage. In this post we will know all features and best deal about honda shine for in this new year.

What Are The Features And Warranty of Honda Shine?

When it comes to convenience, the Honda Shine doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen infotainment system. Instead, it keeps things straightforward with an analog instrument cluster featuring an analog odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, turn indicator, stand alarm, low fuel warning, and a reliable halogen headlight setup.

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The bike also comes with pass lights for added visibility. What it may lack in high-tech features, it compensates with practical elements and excellent comfortable seats, ensuring a more enjoyable ride. So, while it may not have the latest gadgets, the Shine focuses on providing essential functions and a comfortable experience for riders.

The Honda Shine 125 comes with a warranty that lasts for 3 years, covering up to 42,000 kilometers. This means you have extra protection and assurance when you own it.

What is Price Of Honda Shine?

The Honda Shine is priced between Rs 93,000 to Rs 98,000 on-road in Delhi. If you opt to purchase it with cash, there’s a discount available, allowing you to save up to ₹5,000. Additionally, various facilities and perks are offered when buying from the dealership. These extra benefits make the deal more attractive and convenient for potential buyers.

What Is EMI Plan For Honda Shine?

Apart from this, if you do not have that much money at once, then you can take it with the help of easy EMI or installment. Honda Motor is currently offering bikes on cheap EMI plans.

You can take the Honda bike to your home with a down payment of only Rs 5,999, after which you will have to deposit EMI of Rs 3168 every month for the next three years with an interest rate of 9.99 percent. This EMI plan is applicable across all dealerships in India.

Mileage And Engine Of Honda Shine

A 123.94 cc engine is used to power the Honda Shine, which generates 10.59bhp at 7500 rpm and 11nm torque at 6000 rpm. This engine comes with 5 speed manual transmission.

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The company claimed mileage is 55 kmpl. Whereas its top speed is 102 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, its engine has been operated under OBD 2 and not of the Government of India, due to which it is now ready to run on 20% ethanol blended fuel.

Break And Suspension Of Honda Shine

The Shine 125 now features a telescopic front suspension and a hydraulic suspension setup at the back, enhancing its overall ride quality. For improved braking, it comes equipped with a Combined Braking System. The Signature model is equipped with 130mm drum brakes both at the front and rear, ensuring effective braking performance.

Its 18-inch alloy wheels contribute to stability and style. These upgrades in suspension and braking systems enhance the overall safety and handling of the Shine 125, making it a reliable and well-equipped choice for riders looking for a smooth and secure riding experience.

What Are Customer Reviews About This Bike?


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