An FIR Was Filed Against Famous Influncer OYE INDORI What Is Full matter?

Robin Jindal, a well-known social media influencer and YouTuber, famous as ‘Oye Indori’ on Instagram, is facing serious allegations of raping his live-in partner under the false promise of marriage.

The MIG police took action after a 35-year-old woman filed a complaint, revealing that she had been in a live-in relationship with Robin. According to her, Robin had assured her of marriage, but after they became physically involved, he did not fulfill his promise.

This led to the police registering a case against Robin based on the accusations made by his live-in partner. The incident has sparked legal consequences for the social media personality, whose public image is now intertwined with these serious allegations.

What Was Fir Complaint?

According to the complainant, she got to know Robin in Indore. Later on, Robin rented a flat in Nehru Nagar, and they both moved in together. During their time living together, Robin engaged in physical relations with the woman multiple times, promising marriage each time but later backing out.

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According to SI Sachin Arya from the MIG police station, a case has been filed against Robin Jindal, the son of Mithilesh Aggarwal and resident of Mahalaxmi Nagar, for the alleged act of rape under the guise of marriage.

How Both Came To Know Eachother?

The 22-year-old girl has alleged that she was introduced to Robin Jindal when she came to Indore. At that time she was looking for a flat in Indore and Robin helped her in getting the flat.

After getting the flat, he started coming to meet me always and then he promised to marry me. After this he started living together. He had relations with her several times, promising to marry her, but later refused to marry her.

What Action Are Taken By Police?

A woman who has gone through a divorce has accused Robin Agarwal Jindal, also known as Oye Indori, of physically exploiting her under the pretext of marriage. After a investigation, the MIG police have officially filed a rape case against him. This marks the second time such a case has been registered against oye Indori.

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According to the police, Robin had met the 35-year-old girl in Indore. After this, Robin got him a rented flat in Nehru Nagar and kept him a live-in. Had relations with her several times while promising to marry her. Then refused to marry. Police is looking for the accused.

In a previous incident in March, similar allegations were made by another woman, but the matter was resolved through mutual understanding. Unfortunately, despite the previous incident, Indori allegedly continued to assault the victim.

Who Is Oye Indori? What Is His Real Name?

Oye indori Real name is Robin And Robin is a popular Instagram influencer and YouTuber residing in Indore. He has a massive following, with 7.4 million followers on Instagram and 7.87 million subscribers on YouTube.

Robin is known for creating comedy videos that attract a large audience, with most of his content receiving over 4 million likes and shares. His entertaining videos have contributed to his widespread popularity across social media platforms.

Recently Oye Indori or Robin Was Engaged To Influencer Alisha Rajput

Robin is very active on social media. He has millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

A few days ago, Robin got engaged to his fellow influencer Alisha Rajput in a big hotel in Indore. Many social media people from the city and country participated in it. Robin also uploaded this on Instagram.

At the same time, after reading the news of the rape case, many followers started criticizing Robin. His followers are criticizing him fiercely after the rape case. One user wrote: Police is searching for you, where are you hiding?


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