Why Dhruv Rathee Trending on Social Media? Here is All About Dhruv Rathee

Today, everyone is familiar with Dhruv Rathee, a renowned YouTuber who creates videos highlighting real incidents from around the world and uploads them on YouTube. Recently, Dhruv Rathee posted a video on YouTube discussing the Modi government, titled “Is India becoming a dictatorship?” This video has sparked conversations on social media, and currently, Dhruv Rathee is trending. Let’s delve into the details of the entire issue through this article.

“Is India Becoming a Dictatorship” Dhruv Rathee Youtube Video Title

Dhruv Rathee recently uploaded a video on YouTube claiming that India is moving towards becoming a dictatorship, causing a significant impact on social media and the country as a whole. In the video, Rathee explains the reasons behind this assertion, outlining how the Modi government is using central agencies to undermine the opposition and dismantle other political parties. Additionally, he criticizes the Indian media, often regarded as the fourth pillar of the constitution, highlighting how it is allegedly working in favor of the Modi government.

If we discuss the recently uploaded Dhruv Rathee video, it has garnered almost 8 million views in two days, along with approximately 9 lakh likes and around 1.5 lakh comments. People have extensively shared his videos as well.

How Social Media Users Reacted Dhruv Rathee Video?

Dhruv Rathee faces both types of reactions, both in favor and against, due to his video. Those in favor state that he is the only person speaking the truth about the Modi government. Another user praises Dhruv as a courageous individual who fearlessly speaks out against the government. A different perspective presented by a user who speaks Dhruv Rathee as an educated person, asserting that he is absolutely right in speaking against the government.

On the opposing side, one users said that it is just another stupid creation from Dhruv Rathee. One user goes further to label him as anti-Hindu, accusing him of speaking against the country.

Who is Dhruv Rathee?

dhruv rathee

Dhruv Rathee, born on October 8, 1994, is an Indian YouTuber, vlogger, and social media activist. He’s famous for making videos on YouTube about social, political, and environmental issues. As of September 2023, he has around 14.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channels and has posted a total of 603 videos.

Dhruv Rathee Early Life And Career

Dhruv was born in a Hindu Jat family in Haryana, India, and got his early education there. Later, he went to Germany for higher studies and earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The famous Indian YouTuber, Dhruv, got married to his longtime girlfriend, Juli Lbr, in a lovely ceremony that took place in Vienna on November 24, 2021.

His popular videos mainly focus on politics and include fact-checking and explanatory content. According to The Print, Rathee was one of the first Indians to use YouTube as a platform for discussing political matters. Initially, he started with travel videos in 2013 but shifted his focus to political and social topics by the end of the same year.

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