What Was The Condition Put By Hardik Pandya To Return In MI

Friday’s surprising announcement of Hardik Pandya as the new captain of Mumbai Indians wasn’t so unexpected, as per a report; it had been in the plans for a while.

The big trade deal between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans involving Hardik Pandya sparked a lot of talk about who would be the captain. Eventually, on Friday, Mumbai Indians officially declared Hardik as their new captain, taking over from Rohit Sharma, who has been one of the most successful IPL captains.

The surprising part wasn’t Hardik becoming the captain, but the unexpected way Rohit’s captaincy ended. However, according to an Indian Express report, the decision to make the announcement was always in the plans and not a sudden move.

About Hardik shift From GT To MI

Not long ago, Mumbai Indians shared exciting news about reacquiring Hardik Pandya through a cash deal with Gujarat. Hardik, who played a crucial role for Mumbai before, left the team in 2022 when he became the captain for Gujarat. Leading Gujarat, he guided the team to win a trophy in their very first year and secured the runner-up position in 2023.

This move happened just 20 days before the recent announcement that created a buzz – making Hardik the captain of Mumbai Indians. It’s a notable return for the player who left Mumbai to lead another team and achieved success with Gujarat. Now, he’s back with Mumbai Indians, and fans are eager to see what more he can bring to the team as their captain.


What Was Condition Put By Hardik Pandya?

Sources close to a national daily revealed that Hardik Pandya had a condition for his return to Mumbai Indians – he wanted to be the captain.

The 30-year-old made it clear to the franchise, and after discussions, they agreed to his request for the captaincy role. The report also mentioned that Rohit Sharma was informed about Mumbai Indians’ plan for a change in captaincy through several meetings before he agreed to play under Hardik in the upcoming season.

How Mumbai Indians Offered Gratitude To Rohit Sharma?

hardik pandya

In a statement released on Friday, Mahela Jayawardene, the global head of performance for Mumbai Indians, said, “We believe in building a legacy and following the MI philosophy of being prepared for the future. From Sachin to Harbhajan, Ricky to Rohit, our leaders have focused on immediate success while planning for the team’s future. Following this tradition, Hardik Pandya will be the captain of Mumbai Indians for the IPL 2024 season.”

The statement also mentioned, “We want to thank Rohit Sharma for his outstanding leadership. Since 2013, his time as the captain of Mumbai Indians has been truly exceptional. His leadership has not only led to incredible success for the team but has also established him as one of the best captains in the history of the IPL.”

End of Rohit Era As A Captain

The news of Hardik Pandya becoming the captain of Mumbai Indians marks the end of an incredible era led by Rohit Sharma. He took charge during the 2013 season, filling in for Ricky Ponting. This decision proved pivotal as Mumbai Indians went on to win the IPL that season and the Champions League T20, adding four more IPL titles later.

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Under Rohit’s leadership, MI secured 87 victories, the highest by any captain in the last decade. Notably, Mumbai Indians never faced defeat in a final match during Rohit’s captaincy. It’s a remarkable legacy, and while the leadership baton passes to Hardik, Rohit Sharma’s tenure will be remembered as a golden period for the franchise.


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