What did ktr said about Revanth Reddy and rahul gandhi

On Friday, Telangana Minister KT Rao (KTR) said that Revanth Reddy, the current Congress leader in the State, is more dangerous than Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld don. KTR also added that Reddy was massively involved with corrupt practices within his party.

Rahul Gandhi claims that corruption in Telangana has increased. Revanth Reddy, his PCC chief, is more dangerous than Dawood Ibrahim and Charles Sobhraj. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t have any information because he is innocent. Venkat Reddy, their own MP, has stated that the TPCC President gave Rs 50 crores to AICC to purchase the position of State Congress president. KT Rama Raho stated that there are other allegations of ticket distribution by taking money.

Who is KT Rao (KTR)

Kalvakuntla Rama Rao, also known as KTR, was born on 24 July 1976. He is an Indian politician who serves as Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Industries and Commerce, and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications of Telangana. Rao, a member of the Legislative Assembly from Sircilla, is also the working president of Bharat Rahtra Samithi.

Rama Rao is the son K. Chandrashekar Rao. He founded Bharat Rashtra Samiti (now Telangana Rashtra Samithi). Rama Rao was named Most Inspirational Icon of the Year 2015 by CNN-IBN Ritz Magazine.

What Did KT Rama Rao (KTR) Said About Rahul Gandhi

He also called Rahul Gandhi a reader and not a leader.

“Rahul is a leader that doesn’t read the scripts of local leaders but goes back. I do not consider him to be a leader but rather a reader. He reads out scripts without paying attention to the content,” he said.

When you dreamed of Telangana, you imagined the people would rule the State. A single-family rules Telangana. Rahul Gandhi stated in Bhupalpally that one family holds the entire control of Telangana, and the corruption rate in the State was the highest in all of the United States.

Rahul Gandhi has also claimed that BJP, Bharat Rashtra Samajthi (BRS), and AIMIM have formed a secret alliance against Congress in Telangana. Rahul Gandhi, Congressman, said: “Look at BJP BRS AIMIM. These three parties are attacking the Congress party.”

KTR responded to these accusations by saying, “First and foremost, we are no one’s B-team. Telangana’s A-team is us. Congress is the Chor team. Their acts are known to the entire world. People call them scamgress because they have scams all over the place.

What is the situation of Telangana ahead of the upcoming elections?

In the upcoming Telangana assembly elections, a triangular battle will be between the BJP and the Bharat Rastra Samithi. BRS won 88 out of 119 seats in the 2018 Assembly elections, with a vote share of 47.4%. Congress was a distant second, with only 19 seats. Its vote percentage was 28.7 percent.

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