Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, what happened?

According to reports, a former Kremlin official who runs the Telegram channel General SVR – a media outlet – found Russian President Vladimir Putin lying on the floor of his bedroom next to an overturned dining table containing food and beverages. According to a statement made by the channel, security officers discovered the Russian leader lying on the floor of his bedroom at 9 pm.

The noise was probably caused by the fact that when the President fell, he knocked the dishes and table onto the floor. Putin rolled his eyes while lying on the ground, convulsively arching. “The doctors on duty in the residence were located in an adjacent room and were immediately called,” read the channel’s statement, as reported by Mirror.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin, a former intelligence officer, has been President of Russia since 2012. He was previously the President from 1999 to 2008. Vladimir Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years before leaving in 1991 to pursue a political career in Saint Petersburg.

The country’s economy grew for eight years during his first presidential term. The increase was due to a five-fold rise in oil and gas prices, which comprise the bulk of Russian exports. It also reflected the recovery from post-communist depressions and financial crises, increased foreign investment and prudent fiscal and economic policies.

The Telegram channel that broke the news

A former Russian lieutenant-general allegedly runs general SVR. This Telegram channel is known for frequently releasing health-related news about Putin, often picked up in sections of Western media.

According to the claim of General SVR, “Security Officers of Russian President Vladimir Putin who were on duty in the residence heard noises and sounds of falling from the president’s room.”

Expressblogshub could not independently verify these claims.

What precautions were taken by doctors?

The Russian President, it was alleged, was moved immediately to a specially equipped room at his official residence. Doctors performed resuscitation before transferring him to an intensive care unit located in the residence.

The channel claimed that “help was delivered on time, the cardiac was restarted, and Putin recovered consciousness.”

Although the Kremlin has not confirmed the reports of Putin’s deteriorating health, it is believed that the President’s inner circle was alarmed by them.

What actions had been taken after the incident?

“Recently, the President’s double has run all official events and meetings. “After hearing about the incident that occurred in the evening, several people close to Putin called each other and agreed to have a consultation on Monday to discuss possible actions to take if the President dies within the next few days,” Mirror reported.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, several reports have surfaced about Putin’s worsening condition – whether it’s cancer or Parkinson’s. The Kremlin, however, has said repeatedly that the Russian leader’s health is “good”.

Then, another piece of news came out: the Kremlin denies Vladimir Putin unfit issue

The Kremlin denied rumours about President Vladimir Putin’s health on Tuesday. They said that he is fit and healthy.

Reuters reported that Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, during a routine press briefing, refuted the claim that President Putin uses body doubles. He called it an “absurd prank”.

Reporters asked about Putin’s well-being after receiving an unverified report circulated by Western media from a Russian Telegram Channel, which suggested that the President experienced a serious health incident Sunday evening.


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