Upcoming Top 5 Bikes Under 1.5 Lakhs In 2024

Get ready for an awesome year in 2024 if you’re a budget-friendly bike enthusiast! Big players like Hero and Yamaha are introducing new rides, and guess what? Indian companies are joining the party too.

I’ve got the inside scoop on the top 5 bikes in India for 2024, all under 1.5 lakh. With expected prices and launch dates, it’s time to buckle up for an exciting ride into the world of affordable two-wheelers.

Guess what? These bikes are bringing some really cool features that you usually don’t find in today’s bikes. If you’re thinking about getting a top 5 bikes under 1.5 lakh, this is your chance! Imagine having things like a digital display, ABS, and more – things that are usually in expensive bikes, but now they’re in your budget. It’s like getting all the good stuff without spending too much.

Which Are Top 5 Bikes in India 2024?

Guess what’s coming our way in 2024? Yamaha has a bunch of cool bikes lined up, and one of them is the Yamaha XSR125 – part of the affordable among top 5 bikes under 1.5 lakh club. But that’s not all! Hero and other brands are also joining the budget bike party, bringing us bikes with awesome features. I’ve got 5 upcoming bikes for 2024, so get ready for some exciting rides ahead.

1. Hero Xtreme 200R

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Guess what Hero, the famous bike brand in India, has in store for 2024? They’re bringing out a new bike called Hero Xtreme 200R, and it’s extra special. Why? Because it’s the most powerful among the Top 5 upcoming bikes in India for 2024 under 1.5 lakh. This bike has a strong 199.6 cc engine – that means more power for your ride! And here’s the best part: it’s expected to cost just 1.35 lakh rupees.

Hero Xtreme 200RSpecifications
Expected Launch Date March 2024
Estimated Starting Price Rs 1.35 Lakh
Variant Hero Xtreme 200R 4V
Power18.4 PS
Engine Type200 cc

2. LML Moonshot

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The LML Moonshot is perfect for one looking for a budget-friendly electric bike. It’s expected to have an average performance, reaching a top speed of 70 kmph. Priced at Rs 1 Lakh for the Indian market, that’s how much it’s expected to cost when it’s available in March 2024. So, if you’re in the market for an affordable electric ride, the LML Moonshot could be a great choice.

LML MoonshotSpecifications
Expected Launch DateMarch 2024
Estimated PriceRs 1 Lakh
DesignSingle-piece seat, hexagonal headlamp, exposed trellis
Top Speed70 kmph (teased)
BrakesDiscs at both ends

3. Yamaha XSR125

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Yamaha bikes are always known for their outstanding performance. Now, Yamaha is set to launch the XSR125 in the budget market. This bike will feature a 124CC BS6 engine generating 14.5 Nm torque.

According to the company’s updates, it’s specially designed for the Indian market, offering a mileage of 47 kilometers per liter. Priced at an expected Rs. 1 lakh, it’s slated to launch in March 2024. Being a top bike brand, Yamaha is quite popular among customers.

Yamaha XSR125Specifications
Launch DateMarch 2024
PriceRs 1.35 Lakh
Variant Available 
Colors Available3
Engine Type124 cc BS6
Mileage47.6 kmp
Fuel Tank Capacity11 L

4. Eko Tejas E-Dyroth

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There’s a lot of excitement on social media about a new bike launching in March 2024. What makes it stand out? Well, it’s the first electric bike in India that looks like a Bullet. They call it Eko Tejas E-Dyroth. Here’s the cool part: you can ride it up to 150 kilometers on just one charge. And guess what? Even though it’s electric, it can go as fast as 100 km/hour.

Eko Tejas E-DyrothSpecifications
Expected Launch DateMarch 2024
Expected PriceRs 1.30 Lakh
Range per Charge150 km
Battery Capacity4.32 KWh
BrakesDouble Disc
Top Speed100 km/hr

5. Husqvarna Vitpilen 125

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You know Rocky’s cool bike in KGF? Guess what! In March 2024, Husqvarna is launching a similar bike called Husqvarna Vitpilen 125. It’s a budget-friendly bike with a unique design that sets it apart from regular bikes. This one might have a strong 124.7 cc engine for good performance. And the best part? The price is set at ₹1.35 Lakh.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 125Specifications
Launch Date March 2024
Price ₹ 1.35 Lakh
Engine TypeSports Naked Bike
Engine Power124.7 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity9.5 liters


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