Sameer Rizvi Uncapped Indian batsmen Sold To CSK Who Is Sameer Rizvi?

In the recent IPL 2024 Auction, two relatively unknown Indian batsmen, Sameer Rizvi and Shubham Dubey, surprised everyone by attracting huge bids from franchises. Rajasthan Royals secured Shubham Dubey for Rs 5.8 crore, while Sameer Rizvi landed a massive deal with Chennai Super Kings for an impressive Rs 8.4 crore.

Both players have proven themselves in domestic cricket, showcasing their abilities as reliable finishers, which made them highly sought after by IPL teams. Shubham Dubey represents Vidarbha in domestic cricket, while Sameer Rizvi plays for Uttar Pradesh.

The surprising and competitive bidding wars for these uncapped players highlighted their potential and the value they bring to their respective teams in the upcoming IPL season.

Who is Sameer Rizvi?

Sameer Rizvi, a 20-year-old cricketer, gained attention in the UP T20 League. He became the star of the tournament by scoring the most runs, accumulating a total of 455 runs in nine innings. Known for his powerful hitting, Rizvi also hit the highest number of sixes for his team, the Kanpur Superstars, during the league.

Rizvi’s outstanding performance played a crucial role in his team’s success. He not only smashed two impressive centuries but also contributed significantly in the final match by scoring 84 runs from 50 balls.

This remarkable innings helped Uttar Pradesh (UP) clinch the tournament title. Rizvi’s all-around batting skills, especially his ability to hit boundaries and sixes, made him a standout player in the UP T20 League, ultimately leading to his recognition and success in the IPL auction.

Sameer Rizvi In IPL Auction 2024

In the 2024 IPL auction, Sameer Rizvi, a relatively unknown Indian batsman, made headlines by landing a massive deal. Originally priced at Rs 20 lakh, Rizvi ended up with a remarkable Rs 8.40 crore contract. The bidding war was intense, with various franchises competing for the uncapped player. CSK took the lead, showing interest in the young talent, and the bid quickly reached 1 crore.

Just when it seemed like CSK had sealed the deal at Rs 7.60 crore, Delhi Capitals joined the fray with a bid of Rs 7.80 crore. This unexpected move added more excitement to the auction. Eventually, CSK outbid the other teams and secured Sameer Rizvi for a significant amount, making him one of the most talked-about players of the auction.

The entire process highlighted the unpredictability and competitiveness of the IPL auction, where a relatively unknown player like Sameer Rizvi could hit the jackpot and become the center of attention.

Sameer Rizvi Batting Performance In Local Matches

Sameer Rizvi’s impressive batting skills got him a chance to try out for three IPL teams, including Punjab Kings. However, because he had earlier commitments with the Under-23 squad of Uttar Pradesh, Rizvi had to miss out on these trial opportunities.

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In his first game with the Under-23 team, Rizvi didn’t just hint at his talent; he showcased it fully. In a one-day match against Rajasthan, he played a fantastic innings, scoring 91 runs off 65 deliveries.

This performance not only demonstrated Rizvi’s batting prowess but also hinted at his potential as a promising cricketer. Despite having to skip the IPL trials, Rizvi made a significant impact in the Under-23 match, further establishing himself as a player to watch in the cricketing arena.


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