Is Rain In Bengaluru..What if NZ vs SL is a washout? 

As NZ vs SL match is nearing parts of Bengaluru are currently under a yellow weather alert until November 10, which raises concerns about the potential impact on the 2023 World Cup match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka scheduled to take place at Chinnaswamy Stadium.

There is a significant likelihood of rain affecting the match, and in the worst-case scenario, it might even lead to a complete washout. The reason for this concern is the forecast of approximately four thunderstorms expected throughout the day. Over the past four to five days, the city has experienced heavy rainfall, prompting the Meteorological Department (MET department) to issue a yellow alert, which signifies rainfall between 64.5 mm and 115.5 mm in a single day.

Some parts of Bengaluru have been grappling with flooding since Monday, with reports of waterlogging in various areas. While there was a slight improvement in the situation on Wednesday, the weather forecast for Thursday doesn’t offer much hope for better conditions.

About Chinnaswamy Stadium

The Chinnaswamy Stadium is known for having one of the most efficient drainage facilities among all cricket venues in the country. In the event of rainfall, it can be made ready for cricket action within just half an hour. However, if the rain is persistent and heavy, it could pose challenges in getting a game started. A complete washout could have significant consequences, particularly in terms of the World Cup points table.

What Will Happen With New Zeland And Sri Lanka If Match is Rain Washout?

In the event of a rain washout in the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, both teams will receive a share of the points. New Zealand’s total points will reach 9, while Sri Lanka’s points will increase to 5.

Unfortunately, with 5 points, Sri Lanka’s chances of making it to the World Cup semi-finals are slim. However, for New Zealand, a washout would have severe implications for their hopes of qualifying as the fourth-ranked team.

The Kane Williamson-led side began the tournament strongly with four consecutive wins but then suffered four losses. They are in desperate need of a victory against Sri Lanka to reach 10 points and bolster their chances of advancing further in the competition.

NZ vs SL: Live Current Points Table

How Pakistan And Afganistan Will Get Benefit If Match Is Rain Washout?

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A rain washout in the New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka match could open up a significant opportunity for Pakistan to secure a spot in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Currently, Pakistan has 8 points from 8 matches and is set to face England on Sunday. If they manage to defeat the defending champions, who are already out of the tournament, Pakistan would qualify for the semi-finals.

Afghanistan also has a chance to advance if they beat South Africa, but their net run rate could become a crucial factor. Even if they improve it substantially by defeating South Africa by a large margin, Pakistan would still have the advantage of knowing the exact equation they need to meet, as their match against England is scheduled later.

After two days of relaxation in Kolkata, the Pakistani players engaged in a three-hour practice session in the afternoon, focusing on all aspects of the game.


Inclement weather in Bengaluru raises concerns for the NZ vs SL match in the 2023 World Cup, potentially affecting the outcome. A rain washout would impact both teams differently, with New Zealand needing a win to secure their semi-final spot. Pakistan and Afghanistan stand to benefit from a washout, with Pakistan having a shot at qualification, contingent on their upcoming match against England. Chinnaswamy Stadium’s drainage facilities offer hope, but the weather’s unpredictability remains a pivotal factor.


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