Who Is Pratap Simha? What Is matter Of Lok Sabha Passes?

On the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, four troublemakers created chaos inside and outside Parliament using colored smoke canisters and chanting slogans like ‘tanashahi nahin chalegi’ (dictatorship will not be tolerated).

Although this briefly disrupted the Zero Hour of the ongoing Winter Session in the Lok Sabha, the focus has now shifted to the visitor pass issued to the two intruders. Surprisingly, the visitor pass was issued in the name of Pratap Simha, a BJP Member of Parliament from Mysuru.

What Was Actual Matter?

Parliament Attack

Sagar and Manoranjan D, who caused a major security breach in Parliament by jumping from the visitors’ gallery on Wednesday, obtained their passes from Pratap Simha, a BJP MP from Mysuru. When a Parliament member issues such a pass, they need to confirm that they personally know the individuals receiving it.

Pratap Simha faced criticism after the recovered visitors’ pass revealed his name. While he didn’t make any official statement about his connection with the intruders, he informed the Lok Sabha Speaker that one of the intruders’ fathers belonged to his constituency, and he requested a visitor’s pass for them.

Pratap Simha told the Speaker that he didn’t have additional information about the intruders. Notably, one of them, Manoranjan D, stayed in contact with Simha’s personal assistant to arrange the visitor’s pass for himself and his friend, Sagar.

What We Know About Pratap Simha?

Pratap Simha, a 47-year-old BJP Member of Parliament, represents the Mysore-Kodagu constituency in the Lok Sabha and is well-regarded in Mysuru. He entered politics in the 2014 elections after working as a journalist for Kannada Prabha. In 2015, he became a member of the Press Council of India.

Reports indicate that Pratap Simha secured victory in the Mysuru constituency by earning 43.46% of the votes in 2014. In the 2019 elections, he increased his vote share to 52.27%. At 42 years old, Simha, a former journalist, is recognized for a series of columns. Additionally, he authored a biography of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2007.

Known for his strong support of Hindutva, Simha opposed the government’s decision to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s birthday, arguing that Tipu Sultan is a role model only for Islamists. Earlier this year, he faced criticism for suggesting the elimination of stray dogs without compassion, stating that dog lovers would understand the issue when their children get bitten.

Simha also made controversial remarks about dome-shaped bus stations, threatening to demolish them due to their mosque-like appearance. He insisted that such structures resemble mosques and should be removed by engineers or else he would personally bring them down with a JCB.

What Is Matter Related To Passes Of Lok Sabha?

Prathap Simha, a Member of Parliament, authorized passes for two individuals involved in the security breach at the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. It’s reported that Simha was familiar with one of the accused as he hailed from Simha’s constituency, Mysuru, and often visited Simha’s office.

According to a PTI news report, Manoranjan D, one of the accused, introduced his friend Sagar Sharma to the MP’s office and obtained passes under the pretense of wanting to witness the new Parliament.

Simha requested three passes for Wednesday, but one person, a woman, had to leave because she arrived with her child, whose name was not mentioned in her pass, as per the PTI report.

What News Came Out FromĀ Pratap Simha’s Office?

According to Pratap Simha’s office, MPs typically handle requests from people in their constituencies. Around 6:15 pm on Wednesday, a few hours after the security breach, Pratap Simha shared a photo on social media featuring political science students from Vidyavardhaka College, taken on the previous Monday. This post likely aimed to illustrate that MPs often receive numerous entry requests, possibly providing context for the entry passes related to the security incident.


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