Nandre Burger Try to Sldge Virat Kohli, What Sunil Gavaskar Said?

Ex-India captain Sunil Gavaskar has given a serious warning to South African cricketers about teasing Virat Kohli during the ongoing second Test in Cape Town. Gavaskar, who was commentating on Star Sports, got concerned when Nandre Burger bowled to Kohli.

After Kohli defended the ball, Nandre Burger got upset and menacingly acted like he might throw the ball at the stumps, giving Kohli a fierce look. Gavaskar advised against such behavior, emphasizing the need for sportsmanship on the field. The incident highlights tensions during the match, and Gavaskar wants to ensure fair play without unnecessary aggression.

How Virat Kohli Reacted To Nandre Burger Aggressive Move?

Virat Kohli wasn’t bothered by the incident, and Sunil Gavaskar used the chance to warn the South African team. Gavaskar pointed out that Kohli actually performs better when faced with aggression from the opposing team. In simpler terms, Kohli stays calm, and Gavaskar told the Proteas that trying to be aggressive with him might not affect his game positively.

What Sunil Gavaskar Said During Commentating?

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Gavaskar gave his serious advice at an important time when India was already ahead of South Africa in their first innings during the first day of the second Test. After Burger’s aggressive move, Kohli showed his strength by hitting three boundaries in the next few deliveries he faced.

These situations make Virat Kohli even more determined, motivating him to score lots of runs with stronger determination. Gavaskar mentioned on the broadcast that although it may seem like a competition is set, Kohli is not someone who gets affected by aggressive behavior.

Same Statement Said By Tim Paine About Virat Kohli

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Back in the 2018-19 Test series between Australia and India, ex-captain Tim Paine cautioned his teammates not to sledge or provoke Virat Kohli while he’s batting. Kohli performs even better when faced with a tough challenge or when opponents try to get under his skin. Paine’s advice was to avoid unnecessary talk or actions that might fire up Kohli and boost his performance on the field.

India asked South Africa to bat first, and the South Africa could only score a small total of 55 runs. Mohammed Siraj, with his outstanding skills, took six wickets in a single innings, achieving his first-ever six-wicket haul in Test matches. Jasprit Bumrah and Mukesh Kumar also played a part in India’s success by taking two wickets each.


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