MS Dhoni Smoking Hookah Video Goes Viral, Watch full Video And Know How Fans Reacted To viral Video

A video of MS Dhoni smoking hookah at a social event in Dubai has gone viral, grabbing fans’ attention and sparking some curiosity. Dhoni celebrated the New Year in Dubai with Rishabh Pant and Bollywood star Kriti Sanon, and the video captured him enjoying hookah.

Despite being retired and only playing in the IPL, MS Dhoni is famous for his dedication to staying fit. The recent video of him enjoying hookah surprised many on social media, as it contradicted his well-known commitment to fitness.

Ms Dhoni Smoking Hookah Goes Viral

MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and leader of CSK, was recently seen at a private party, casually smoking hookah. Dressed in a black coat and pants, he stood alongside another person, engaging in the relaxed atmosphere. The video of Dhoni enjoying the hookah at the event quickly circulated on social media, drawing attention from fans.

George Bailey Old Comment On Dhoni Smoking Hookah

After the video of Dhoni smoking hookah became popular, an old comment from former CSK teammate George Bailey has surfaced. Bailey, the former Australian captain, mentioned how Dhoni enjoys smoking hookah and how he used it as a way to connect with younger players.

Bailey shared that Dhoni would often set up a hookah in his room, and it was like an open invitation for everyone. Younger players would frequently join in, breaking down hierarchical barriers that are common in many cricket teams.

How Fans Reacted To Dhoni Hookah Video?


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