MS Dhoni Completed 16 Years With CSK, Story Of IPL Auction 2008 When CSK was Confused Between Dhoni And Sehwag

MS Dhoni: On February 20, 2008, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) made a big change by getting Mahendra Singh Dhoni for a whopping USD 1.5 million in the first Indian Premier League (IPL) auction. In the following 14 years, Dhoni led CSK to win five IPL titles, proving himself as one of the best captains in IPL history.

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Dhoni joining CSK, the team paid a special tribute, showing how much they’ve achieved together. In 2008, CSK took a risk by spending a lot on Dhoni, who was already doing really well in international cricket. Since then, Dhoni has become a symbol of CSK, inspiring many players and fans along the way.

CSK Celebrated For Completion Of MS Dhoni 16 Years With Chennai Super Kings 

During his time with CSK, MS Dhoni formed a strong connection with the team’s fans, especially those in Tamil Nadu. His love for the team and its supporters was evident even before the 2018 season when he shared a heartfelt message expressing his affection for CSK.

As Chennai Super Kings marks 16 years of MS Dhoni’s legacy, the team looks back on the remarkable achievements they’ve accomplished together. They also acknowledge that there might still be more successes in the future. The caption accompanying CSK’s heartfelt tribute on social media says, “Done it all, but not done yet.”

MS Dhoni vs Sehwag For CSK During IPL Auction in 2008 

The Dhoni and CSK tale started in Mumbai’s auction room on February 20, 2008, where CSK bid more than other teams to get Dhoni. Initially, ex-BCCI Chief N Srinivasan wanted to buy Virender Sehwag, but it was VB Chandrasekhar who convinced him to go for Dhoni.

“Before the 2008 auctions, Mr. N Srinivasan asked about my choice. I said, ‘Dhoni.’ He asked, ‘Why not Virender Sehwag?’ I explained that Sehwag wouldn’t inspire the crowd the same way. Dhoni, being a new limited-overs captain for India, a wicket-keeper, and a match-changing batsman, was my preference. I asked for Mr. Srinivasan’s approval to go for Dhoni,” Chandrasekhar said in 2019.

“He initially wanted Sehwag,” he said. “But the next morning, he changed his mind and said, ‘Go and get Dhoni.'”

MS. Dhoni Stats in IPL For CSK in These 16 Years

Ms. Dhoni has won 5 IPL championships throughout his IPL career. He secured the titles in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, and 2023. Dhoni is widely recognized as the most celebrated and successful captain in IPL history. He shares this impressive feat of 5 IPL titles with Rohit Sharma of MI. Dhoni has shown exceptional leadership during his time as captain.


MS. Dhoni Preparation For IPL 2024

MS Dhoni has begun getting ready for the upcoming IPL 2024 season. The captain of CSK was seen practicing in Ranchi with his classic long hair, a look he might maintain in what’s anticipated to be his final IPL season.

There were talks about Dhoni retiring from IPL last season, but he clarified that he wanted to come back to play for CSK for at least one more year. He mentioned that his decision to continue playing would be a way of giving back to the fans who have supported him for a long time.

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