Basic Of BGMI And Exploring the Top 3 Features of BGMI

BGMI, crafted by Krafton for India, is immensely popular, offering a Important features. To address the queries in players’ minds, we’ll discuss key issues and provide valuable insights about this exceptional game.

Features Of BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular mobile battle royale game developed for players in India. It’s very similar to the globally known game PUBG Mobile, but BGMI is designed specifically for Indian gamers. Here’s a simple overview:

Gameplay: Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game where you parachute onto an island with 99 other players. Your Target is to survive and be the last player or team standing. You need to find weapons, gear, and supplies while avoiding or defeating other players.

Maps: The game features multiple maps, each with its own unique landscapes and challenges. You’ll explore places like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Weapons and Gear: You can find a variety of weapons, armor, and items to help you in the game. Some are better for long-range combat, while others are more suitable for close-quarters fights.

Team Play: You can team up with friends and play in squads or duos, which adds a cooperative element to the game. Communication and strategy are essential in team play.

In-Game Events: Battlegrounds Mobile India often includes special in-game events, challenges, and seasonal themes that keep the game interesting and offer rewards.

Graphics and Realism: The game has impressive graphics and realistic gameplay, making it one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices.

Customization: You can personalize your character’s appearance and customize their outfits, accessories, and emotes.

Fair Play: Battlegrounds Mobile India focuses on fair play, ensuring a level playing field by discouraging cheating and hacking.

Frequent Updates: The game receives regular updates with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to keep the gaming experience fresh.

Social Features: BGMI includes features like adding friends, joining clans, and interacting with other players in the game.

How You Can Remove Friends From Bgmi?

  • Launch Battlegrounds Mobile India App: Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on your mobile device.
  • Access Friends List:
    • Usually, you can find the Friends icon or tab on the game’s main menu screen. It is often located in the bottom right or left corner.
  • Find the Friend to Remove:
    • Within your Friends list, scroll or search to find the friend you want to remove.
  • Open Friend’s Profile:
    • Tap on the friend’s name or profile picture to open their profile.
  • Remove Friend:
    • Inside the friend’s profile, look for an option to remove or unfriend them. This option might be represented by an icon or a text link, such as “Remove Friend” or “Unfriend.”
  • Confirm Removal:
    • After selecting the remove/unfriend option, the game may ask you to confirm your decision, as removing a friend is typically irreversible.
    • Confirm the removal to complete the process.

How To Delete Your Bgmi Id From Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  1. Stop Using the Account: If you want to stop using your Battlegrounds Mobile India ID, simply stop playing the game and uninstall it from your device. By not using it, your account will essentially become inactive.
  2. Unlink Social Media Accounts: If you’ve linked your Battlegrounds Mobile India account to social media accounts (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), you can unlink them to disassociate your BGMI data from those accounts. The exact process may vary depending on the platform.
  3. Contact Support: If you have specific reasons for wanting to delete your BGMI account, you can try reaching out to the game’s customer support. 

What Does Bgmi Status Feature Mean?

BGMI’s “Status” feature offers three sections for players to share their gaming intentions and moods with friends:

Team Up

  • “Let’s Rank Up”: Find friends who want to push their ranks in BGMI.
  • “Let’s Team Up”: Team up with friends for regular matches.
  • “Carry Me”: Seek pro teammates to help boost your rank.


  • Share your mood with options like happy, ranking up, demotivated, and starry-eyed.

Do Not Disturb

  • “Do Not Disturb”: Prevent others from sending you team invites.
  • “Stealth Mode”: Become invisible to your friends list, keeping your online status private.


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