Dussehra 2023 date ,time and celebration across country

Dussehra 2023, the auspicious festival, is just around the corner. The day is also known as Vijayadashami or Dasara and marks the triumph of good over bad. On this day, Lord Rama beat demon king Ravana, while Maa Durga defeated Mahishasura. The day falls on the 10th of Ashwin in the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar. The tenth day of Navratri is celebrated with great pomp by devotees to Maa Durga after the nine-day festival of Navratri. Vijayadashami, a term more commonly used in West Bengal and North Indian states than Dussehra, is the most popular. Bengalis celebrate Durga Visarjan, where devotees immerse idols of Maa Durga in holy waters. Ram Lilas are performed all over the country. Fairs and large crowds gather to watch Ravan’s effigies burn.

When does Dussehra 2023 fall?

It is important to clarify that Dussehra is celebrated on October 24, as the Vijaya Muhurat will begin at 01:26 pm and end at 02:12 pm. Aparahan Puja, also important for the celebrations, will be held from 12:40 pm until 02:59 pm on October 24, 2023. Dussehra was celebrated last year on October 5, 2022. It marked the end of Navratri.

Dussehra 2023: History and significance of Vijayadashami

Dussehra occurs on Shukla Paksha Dashmi in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu lunar calendar, a day following Maha Navami and at the end of Shardiya Navratri. Viajayadashami is the day when good triumphs over evil. On this day, Hindu mythology says that Lord Rama defeated Ravana, the demon king from Lanka. According to another legend, Maa Durga defeated Mahishasura in a nine-day battle.

Dussehra marks the start of Diwali. The festival of lights – which marks the homecoming of Lord Rama, Maa Lakshman and Maa Sita – begins twenty days after Dussehra. Vijayadashmi celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. People pray for good health and prosperity on this day. In some areas of the country, it is also very important to worship the Shami trees on Vijayadashami because Arjun is said to have hidden his weapons in the Shami during his exile.

How to Celebrate Dussehra 2023 

In North India, as well as in a few other places, Dussehra 2023 (or Vijayadashami) is celebrated with the burning of effigies depicting Ravana, the brother of Kumbhkaran, the Lankan King, and Meghnad, the brave warrior son of Ravana. Ramlila is an enactment based on Rama’s tale that takes place over the nine days of Navratri. The tenth day culminates in the death of Ravana. Dussehra is also a time to rid yourself of bad qualities or sins, with the ten heads of Ravana representing each one.

In Bengal, devotees submerge the idols and say goodbye to Maa Durga by immersing them in water. The devotees also ask the Goddess to return next year, watch over them, and protect them from all evils and misfortunes.

Dussehra 2023 celebrations across the country

In India, Dussehra 2023 can be celebrated in many different ways. Delhi celebrates the festival with Ramleelas, food festivals, Dussehra fairs and dandiyas. Mysore Dasara is a 400-year-old celebration with lights, flowers and colourful tents.

Kullu is awash in celebrations during Dussehra. A large fair is held at the Dhalpur Maidan. Visitors can shop for local handicrafts and enjoy cultural events. The signature caps and scarves are also available. Durga Puja Visarjan is held in Kolkata on the day after Dussehra. The idols of Durga and Her Children are immersed in the river. Sindoor Khela is a popular tradition where married women offer vermillion to Goddess Durga and other Women.


5 Dussehra Celebrations in India You Should Check Out

Dussehra celebrations are not just about Ram.


Dussehra 2023
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Dussehra in Kolkata is called Vijaya Dashami. The final day of Durga Puja is when the idols and four children of Goddess Durga are immersed in the river. The most popular ritual is where married women give vermillion to the Goddess and sweets, then smear themselves with vermillion. In Kolkata, deities are carried in a large procession to the Hooghly River (Ganga). Hiring boats is one of the best options for viewing the immersion.


Dussehra 2023
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Despite its name, it has nothing to do with the Ramayana story. The festival and fair generally lasts for over 45 days. The festival is held mainly in honour of the Goddess Danteshwari, the guardian of tribal belts in Chhattisgarh (Bastar). According to local history, the festival was first celebrated in 15 after Kakatiya King Purushottam returned from his pilgrimage in Puri in Odisha. Many rituals, such as the chariot procession, the visit of various Bastar deities to Jagdalpur, the tribal chieftains conference and thanksgiving ceremonies mark this festival. Raipur is the nearest airport, less than 300km away by road.


Dussehra 2023
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Dussehra is the time when all the deities in Himachal Pradesh gather to pay respect to Lord Raghunath. The festival starts on Dussehra day and lasts for seven days. The deities camp at Dhalpur Maidan in their palanquins. Some come from remote corners, the entourage of the palanquin bearers, the musicians, priests, and other attendants, making the journey over several days and on foot.

Among the interesting rituals that take place during this time are the Rathayatra of Lord Raghunath, the procession of the gods around town, and the meetings that take place between the various deities (conducted by the officiating priests) where they exchange news and views surprised if you find some of them engaged in heated exchanges.

Kullu is awash with festive cheer, and there is a large fair at Dhalpur Maidan. Shop for local handicrafts and enjoy the cultural programs. Booking accommodation well in advance is recommended as Kullu Dussehra attracts many tourists from both home and abroad.


Dussehra 2023
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Kota, in Rajasthan, is famous for its Dussehra Mela. The Royal Palace hosts religious functions on the morning of the Dussehra day. The king, along with other royal family members, then travels in a colourful parade to the fairground.

The king ignites the effigies, which are towering, of Ravana and Kumbhakaran. Firecrackers are stuffed in the puppets and explode, lighting the night sky. This is the time of a huge fair, which includes a cattle show. Kota Municipality organises cultural events. At the fair, you can sample local cuisine and browse local handicrafts.


Dussehra 2023
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Dasara is the most popular festival in Mysore. It is held at the end of the nine-day Navaratri celebration to mark the victory of Goddess Chamundeswari over the demon Mahishasura. By night, the illuminated Mysore Palace resembles a fairytale.

The Goddess is then taken in a procession after she has been worshipped by the royal family in the Palace. The Goddess sits in a golden Howdah on top of a decorated elephant. The procession known as Jamboo Savari includes grand tableaus and musical and dance performances from various artists. It also features a reenactment of local folklore, decorated elephants and giant puppets. The procession begins at the Royal Palace and ends at Banni Mantap.

A torchlight procession and an enormous fair at the Exhibition Ground, opposite the Palace, mark the evenings. During the 10-day festival, cultural and sporting events will also be organised.

The conclusion of the article is:

Dussehra is celebrated in India and brings people together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. This festival, which includes a variety of local customs, from the burning of Ravana’s statues to a grand procession, showcases India’s rich culture. The burning of the effigies is a sign of righteousness and hope. The celebrations strengthen bonds and foster unity. Dussehra reminds us that good will always triumph no matter what trials we face. The country finds common threads of positivity and joy in its lively celebrations. It also believes that good will triumph over all.


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