Planning A Trip: Do Indians Need Visa for Maldives Country?

Excited about a trip to the Maldives Country? If you’re from India, here’s some great news – you don’t need to worry about getting a visa! Planning a vacation to this beautiful place? You’re in luck! You can stay for up to 90 days without dealing with visa issues.

Just make sure you have your passport, a confirmed place to stay, and enough money for your trip. Get ready for your Maldives adventure – imagine sandy beaches, blue waters, and colorful coral reefs. Pack your bags, and off you go on a visa-free journey to paradise!

How Can You Visit Maldives Without Visa?

If you’re from India and want to visit the Maldives for tourism, you don’t need a visa if your stay is within 90 days. Just make sure you have a valid passport, a place to stay booked, and enough money to cover your expenses. Also, keep in mind that the 90-day period includes any time you’ve already spent in the Maldives in the six months before your current visit.

How is Maldives Country And How Far it is From India?

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Imagine a dreamy tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, just a short flight from India – that’s the Maldives! It’s like India’s friendly neighbor to the south-southwest, around 700 to 1,300 kilometers away.

People from India love it there because it’s super easy to reach. Picture palm trees, blue waters, and total happiness. So, why wait? Pack your bags, catch a quick flight from a big Indian city, and let the amazing island adventure start.

Is Maldives is Cheapest or Costly?


Going to the Maldives country can be either super fancy or budget-friendly, depending on what you like. It’s kind of known for being a bit expensive because of all those fancy resorts and cool overwater bungalows.

But hey, you’ve got options! You can stay at cheap guesthouses on regular islands or go all out with a fancy resort on your own private island. Just a heads up, the fancy resorts can make your bill go up.

Here’s a tip: If you want to save money, go for local guesthouses, try local food, and use public transport. So, basically, the Maldives can be a splurge or a budget-friendly dream – it’s up to you.

Best Places to Visit in Maldives

The Maldives is like a dream country and a favorite spot for honeymooners. Let’s explore some cool places:

  1. Malé: The main city with cool markets and old buildings.
  2. Maafushi: A local island where you can enjoy Maldivian life and try water sports.
  3. Thulusdhoo: Great for surfers and has a lively art scene.
  4. Ari Atoll: Perfect for diving and snorkeling, especially to see whale sharks.
  5. Vaadhoo Island: At night, the shores light up with special glowing stuff – it’s like magic!
  6. Biyadhoo Island: Awesome for snorkeling and diving with a beautiful coral reef.
  7. Fulhadhoo: A quiet island with a lovely beach, great for a peaceful getaway.
  8. Thoddoo: Known for growing watermelons, so visit during watermelon season for a unique experience.
  9. Hulhumalé: A man-made island with a modern feel, lots of water activities, and close to the airport.
  10. Rangali Island: Fancy resorts, including the world’s first undersea restaurant – perfect for a luxurious and romantic escape.

These are just a few cool spots, and there are plenty more islands in the Maldives country, each with its own special vibe. Whether you like water fun, local culture, or just chilling on beautiful beaches.

What Are Best Connectivity to Maldives Country from India?

If you’re thinking about going to the Maldives country, the easiest way is by taking a flight. You can catch a flight from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Kochi. The main airport you’ll land at in the Maldives is Male Airport, and it takes around 7 to 11 hours to get there from Indian cities, depending on the layover time. Male Airport is like the doorway to the Maldives for flights coming in from around the world.


Maldives is a dream destination for Indians, offering a visa-free paradise just a short flight away. Whether you’re into luxury resorts or budget-friendly escapes, this island nation caters to all. With its breathtaking beaches and vibrant culture, the Maldives awaits your exploration. Pack your bags, catch a flight, and let the tropical adventure begin.


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