Model Divya Pahuja Killed by Gunfire, Who Killed Divya Pahuja?

Divya Pahuja, who used to be a model in Gurugram, was killed by gunfire in a hotel while she was temporarily released from custody. She was one of the people accused of being involved in the murder of a gangster during a staged police operation in Mumbai.

On Tuesday night, five individuals brought Divya Pahuja to a hotel and shot her in the head. The Gurugram police caught three of them while they were getting rid of her body, as per the police statement.

Who Killed Divya Pahuja And Why?

Abhijeet is saying he left Divya’s body on the border of Haryana and Punjab, making the investigation more complicated. But the Haryana Police quickly arrested three people: Abhijeet Singh, a 56-year-old from Model Town, Hisar, Hemraj, 28, from Nepal and Omprakash, 23, from Juranthi village in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal.

Abhijeet confessed during questioning that he had a disturbing reason for the murder. He claimed Divya was blackmailing him for money, and even after paying her a lot, she wouldn’t delete embarrassing photos. In anger, Abhijeet supposedly shot her in Hotel City Point.

Who was Divya Pahuja?

Divya Pahuja used to be a model and was one of the people accused of killing gangster Sandeep Gadoli in a Mumbai hotel on February 7, 2016. Last June, the Bombay High Court released her on bail, seven years after she was arrested for the crime.

Why Divya Pahuja Arrested?

Divya Pahuja, her mom, and five cops were arrested for the gangster Sandeep Gadoli’s murder. The Mumbai Police claimed they lured Gadoli to a hotel using Pahuja, his girlfriend, and then staged a fake fight where he was supposedly killed.

This means they set up a situation to make it look like a real encounter, but it wasn’t. That’s why they were accused. It’s like they planned and pretended to catch him, but it wasn’t a fair situation

Who Was Sandeep Gadoli?

Source: google

Sandeep Gadoli was a dangerous gangster in Gurugram who was accused of many murders and had been on the run from the police for more than 20 years. On February 6, 2016, he got seriously hurt in a shootout in Mumbai.

When two Gurgaon Police officers tried to arrest him at a hotel in Mumbai’s Andheri, Gadoli shot at them. He was wanted for different crimes, including the killing of Binder Gujjar’s driver in October 2015. Gadoli faced a total of 36 cases against him.


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