Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan Got Married; Who is Shura Khan?

In the changing world of Bollywood, love stories can take surprising turns. Arbaaz Khan, known in the industry, has started a new chapter in his love life with Shura Khan, a well-known makeup artist.

After going through a previous marriage, Arbaaz has now found love again, and they recently had a private wedding with close family and a few friends.

Who Is Shura Khan

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Shura Khan is a famous makeup artist in Bollywood. Even though she doesn’t share a lot on social media, her Instagram reveals her talent and artistry. She’s known for making Bollywood stars like Raveena Tandon and her daughter, Rasha Thadani, look even more beautiful. Shura has made a lasting impact on the industry with her skills.

Who Is Arbaaz Khan?

Arbaaz Khan, born on August 4, 1967, is an Indian actor and film producer. He mainly works in Hindi cinema but has also been part of Telugu, Urdu, and Malayalam films. Arbaaz started his acting career in 1996 and has played both leading and supporting roles.

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He later got into film production with his company, Arbaaz Khan Productions, starting with the successful film “Dabangg” in 2010, where he played the younger brother of his real-life brother Salman Khan.

This movie became one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films ever, and Arbaaz received the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. He also hosted a reality show called “Power Couple” on Sony TV. In 2019, Arbaaz made his debut in the digital world with the crime-thriller web series called “Poison.”

Arbaaz Khan And Sshura Khan Wedding

Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan are married now. They had a small and private wedding on December 24 at Arbaaz’s sister, Arpita Khan Sharma’s house in Mumbai. Arbaaz wore a floral traditional jacket with beige pants, and the bride looked beautiful in a light peach outfit for their wedding ceremony called nikah.

Arbaaz shared two pictures with Shura on Instagram after the celebration and wrote, “With our loved ones around, both of us start a lifetime of love and togetherness from today! We appreciate all your blessings and good wishes on our special day!”

How Love Story Of Arbaaz And Shura Khan Started?

Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan’s love story began while working on the movie “Patna Shukla,” which Arbaaz produced. The film features a strong cast, including famous actors like Raveena Tandon, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Satish Kaushik, Manav Vij, Jatin Goswami, and Anushka Kaushik.

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Arbaaz, known for his role in Dabangg, shared his excitement about the project, describing it as an interesting story about a common woman’s extraordinary fight in the city of Patna Shukla. The movie has started shooting at its designated location.

Arbaaz Khan Early Marriage Life

Arbaaz Khan’s love life has been in the public eye. He was married to Malaika Arora for 17 years, but in 2017, they surprised many by announcing their separation. Afterward, Arbaaz started a new relationship with Giorgia Andriani, while Malaika found companionship with Arjun Kapoor. Despite these changes, both of them continued to be good parents to their son, Arhaan.

Salman Khan And Other Famous Stars Were Present At Wedding

Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan’s small wedding had a lot of famous guests. Family members like Salman Khan, Alvira Khan, and Salim Khan were there, along with friends like Ridhima Pandit, Lulia Vantur, Farah Khan, Ritesh, Genelia, and Raveena Tandon with her daughter Rasha. The celebration was a big deal with many Bollywood stars attending.

In the end, Arbaaz and Shura’s love story, which started on a movie set, shows that love can be surprising. As they begin this new journey together, their story is all about the joy of being together, promising a future filled with shared happiness, love, and the beautiful music of Bollywood.


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