Aashram Season 4: Unveiling the Dark Secrets of Baba Nirala

Aashram, an Indian web-based crime drama produced by MX Player under the direction of Prakash Jha and produced by Prakash Jha Productions, stars Bobby Deol, Aaditi Darshan Chandan Roy Sanyal Tushar with authors Madhvi Bhatt Avinash Kumn Sanjay Masoomm Tejpal Rawat Kuldeep Rouhil as part of its cast. Aashram premiered its first season on August 28, 2020, again on November 11 2020, followed by its third instalment on June 20, 2022.

This article provides all the latest updates regarding Aashram Season 4, such as release dates and what fans can anticipate from this new season. If you are an Aashram fan and want to learn more about its fourth instalment, continue reading.

Aashram Season 4 Release Date

Soon, MX Player Series Aashram Season 4 will make its way onto TV screens. According to recent reports, Aashram Season 4 should hit screens by September 29, 2023, and has proven to be one of the most beloved television shows with new episodes coming out frequently.

Fans worldwide have tuned in to witness Baba Nirala and his followers’ story unfold on Ashram Season 4. Set to debut on September 29 2023, Bobby Deol will return as Baba Nirala – self-declared godman who stands above all law – in Season 4. A teaser for Aashram Season 4 includes him declaring his status above the law as revealed in Ek Badnaam Ashram (show title).

Aashram Season 4 Star Cast

  • Bobby Deol in Kashipur Wale Baba Nirala/ Mont Singh
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhupendra “Bhopa Swami” Singh
  • Aaditi pohankar as Parminder Lochan
  • Tushar pandey as Satwinder Lochan
  • Darshan Kumar as Sub-Inspector Ujagar Singh
  • Anupriya Goenka as Dr. Natasha Katariya
  • Tridha as Babita
  • Vikram Kochhar as Senior Constable Sadhu Sharma
  • Anil Rastogi, Ex-CM Sundar Lal
  • Hukum Singh as Chief Minister: Sachin Shroff
  • Anurita Jha is Kavita


Background of Asaram Season 4

Baba Nirala rose to the status of Bhagwan during season 3 and expressed this in both teasers and trailers for season 4. In his teaser for season 4, he declared his belief in being above the law while also declaring himself to be above it all by declaring himself “Bhagwan Hum Hain”. Interestingly enough, however, in both clips, he challenged any notion that God could ever be contained and claimed instead, “God IS me therefore, how could He BE imprisoned?”.

Aashram season 4 release date promises an engaging narrative. Baba Nirala remains unfazed by his detention, believing himself superior to all aspects of society and law.

Pammi had left the Aashram in Season 2, accusing a godman. In Season 3, however, she returned voluntarily, seemingly of her own volition, seemingly on purpose in Episode 4. At first, it came as quite a shock Bhopa Singh warned Pammi to avoid Baba Nirala upon hearing this news.

Where Can I Watch Aashram Season 4?

MX Player offers the first three seasons of the show for free. Mx Player will have the fourth season available when it is released.

Aashram Season 3 Overview

This formulaic and dull show, which brings back memories of 90s action movies, is given some added spice by Bobby Deol & Chandan Roy’s performances.

Prakash Jha’s popular series Aashram will return for a third season with ten new episodes featuring Baba Nirala. While its official name was changed from Ek Badnaam…Ashram, to avoid offending specific individuals, wasn’t enough to avoid insulting the intelligence of its audience. At its core, it is a crime-thriller-crime drama with a slow pace and formulaic, corny dialogue. Only performances by its principal cast members can save it.

Aashram Season 3 Ratings & Reviews

Aashram, an Indian television series, has just released its third season.

  • Hindustan Times: The show needs more clever writing, so its attempts at being clever ultimately fail. Its portrayal of investigative and judicial processes is amateurish and painfully slow; its formulaic tone and corny structure fail to create excitement. Bobby Deol is its sole redeeming factor.
  • IMDb: This show follows an Indian Godman who uses his virtuous acts as cover-ups for unholy and criminal activities, including murder, rape, drug trafficking, political manipulation and coercion. Unfortunately, however, the show fails to attract its intended audience’s interest, with limited opportunities for character development.
  • Koimoi: After the controversy surrounding Koimoi surfaced over its apparent targeting of Hindus, its title was changed to Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3. However, this show’s primary goal is not aimed at targeting only Hindus but criticising all people therefore, it fails to deliver quality writing and performances for viewers.
  • NDTV: Bobby Deol delivers an outstanding performance in NDTV Bobby Deol, but this series needs to allow more room for character development.
  • News18: The story follows Pammi Pahelwan as she battles Baba Nirala and exposes his true nature as an offender. However, Bobby Deol’s portrayal as Baba Nirala becomes far less appealing when he transforms into a ‘Bhagwaan’.


MX Player now makes available Aashram Season 4 Highlights with Bobby Deol and Chandan Roy Sanyal as stars of Aashram Season 4, making for an enjoyable viewing experience with family or friends. Below you will find release date information along with cast/trailer details for Aashram Season 4, making this film one of many Binge Watcher favourites.


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